Sunday, August 28, 2011

August 28: Sea Star Resort - Chau Doc Island - wet wet wet

Oops, I think that I made a boo boo.
With my holiday coming to an end I had decided to spend a few days on a beach with palm trees, soft sand and the comforts of a nearby beach villa. I have the location, I have just got the timing wrong.
I arrived late yesterday, Saturday, in light rain. During the evening the rain increased, to the extent that I postponed an evening walk to explore.
Over night it rained heavily, a true storm, water even found it's way across the balcony and under my door into the room, fortunately stopping at a doormat.
The beach and resort grounds are soaked this morning. The waves are pounding on the beach, there is a continuous roar of the surf, it sounds lovely. The rain alternates between moderate and heavy. Lower lying parts of the resort are under water. Water runs in streams along the pathways making them slippery. The maintenance staff are busy digging trenches to direct the water away.
The sky is non existent, only low grey clouds can be seen.
It is wet. Soaking.
The Bludger must work out whether to stay or move on to somewhere drier or at least more options above and beyond reading in his room. However it is pretty cool here, I am dry, the sound of the rain and the surf. It is still warm.
Nick Smith
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