Wednesday, June 29, 2011

E-visa. It's a breeze

The government of Cambodia offers an electronic application and delivery of Visa's for tourists. Their on line application is easily found via the governments web site. I also have a link on this blog site. The benefits of an e-visa is prepayment and reduced processing time when you arrive in the country. Other benefits include secure payment to authorised agencies, no need to send off your passport for processing and a quick turnaround time.
You can not use e-visa at all entry ports so it won't necessarily suit everyone. Check on line which ports you can use it at. Also at some entry points you can get a visa on arrival. However the convenience factor is enormous.
Compare what I have to do to get a visa for Vietnam. Download a pdf application form. Print it. Fill it out. Attach passport size photos. Send it with passport and money to my local Embassy or Consulate. Include a prepaid registered envelope for return postage and wait. Not that I am criticising Vietnam, there are many countries that use the same procedure, I just want to highlight the benefits of modern methods.
For Cambodia I took an electronic passport photo, filled out an on line form, added the photo, made an on line payment and had the visa less than 24 hours later delivered by email. I need to print two copies and keep them with my passport.
How easy is that? How modern is that? How internet generation is that?
The Bludger is happy with convenience.